First Rotation

Although it originates from an initial thrust, the first rotation of a spiral which tends to the infinite needs concentrated energy in time and space.

The energy for the thrust which led a group of people from the static to the dynamic, from theory to practice, emerged from the common dreams and the desire for creation, labor, knowledge and companionship.

The space of SYN APEIRO, a cooperative venture in its original form, was created in 2007.

SYN APEIRO is a platform of expression, creation and training in relation to contemporary jewelry.

SYN APEIRO, attempts to approach the art of jewelry with respect and honesty. It implements working conditions based on dignity, solidarity and equality. Furthermore, it approaches training as a liberating process, without competition, authorities and assessment.

Steps to Infinity (apeiron)

SYN APEIRO, in its current form, runs across a wide range of activities relating to jewelry; it manages a professional jewelry workshop , an exhibition venue and a series of jewelry seminars.